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Q: Where are you based in?

A: I'm based in Sydney, Australia. I'm also available for travel in the Wollongong, Katoomba and Central Coast regions, but may lead to a higher fee for travel reasons.

Q: How can I book you?

A: The most feasible way to book me is by through the contact page or DM on my IG account. My typical scheduling window is 1 week out to allow for proper planning and preparation.

Q: How will I receive my photos?

A: Google drive link for the following:

-Live music concerts

-Cabaret Shows

Onedrive link for the following:

-Dance Concerts

-Stage/Theatre Productions

-Performing Arts Showcases

-Portrait Photoshoots (regardless of artist/band press shots, dance, stage cast/crew headshots and group shots

-Event function gigs

Thus, for onedrive links, the photos will be sorted into separate folders for a neater and tidier access. For example, if I'm gigging for a dance concert, lyrical dance item photos will be sorted into one folder whereas jazz dance item photos in another separate folder.

Q: How long will it take until I receive my photos?

A: The timeframe that you will receive your photos varies, depending on the services you've booked me in:

-Live music / concert gig: roughly 24 hours after the show.

-Dance concert gig: at least 3 days after the concert finishes.

-Stage production gig: at least 14 hours after the full dress run.

-Cabaret show: at least 14 hours after the show finishes.

-Portrait photoshoot: (regardless of modelling portfolio, artist/band press shots, dance, cast/crew headshots) 7 days after the photoshoot. 

-Event function gig: 7 days after the event finishes.


Q: What time of day do you do your photoshoots?

A: I prefer to do photoshoots in the morning or afternoon; as I also service in concerts and event functions, I generally prefer to cater photoshoots in the daytime. However, I am flexible for any time of day though!

Q: What kind of locations do you do your photoshoots at?

A: Preferably in public areas such as parks, beaches and places where permits are not needed. If your shoot takes place where a permit is required, fees will be quoted additionally.

Q: I'm not photogenic; is it normal to feel nervous before a photoshoot?

A: Yes of course; it's totally OK to feel nervous before a shoot. It's also normal to feel awkward in front of the camera if you're new to any photoshoots. I am well aware of this, so I'll take plenty of time to guide you and support you throughout the process so you are comfortable and professionally presentable in front of the camera. I also want your photo session to be stress-free and relaxing.

Q: What if I don't want my photo session posted on social media?

A: As a photographer, it is essential for me to be able to show my existing body of work in the event a potential new client browses through my portfolio and suss out whether I'm the right person for the job.

I completely respect your right to your privacy. If you prefer for me to not have the images uploaded onto social media, I will refrain from doing so. Do let me know in writing beforehand so I am immediately informed of this.

Q: How do I prepare for my photoshoot session?

A: I would recommend choosing outfits that best reflect your style and feel comfortable. Ensure that everyone is well rested and hydrated. Also, feel free to bring props or accessories that you'd like to include.

Q: What should I wear for our photoshoot session?

A: I would recommend choosing outfits that best reflect on your personality and style. 

Q: Do you back up my images?

A: Yes, all of your delivered images are backed up for safe and secure storage. You will have access to your photos at any time upon request.


Q: Do you offer prints?
A: Unfortunately, I don't provide prints.


Q: How long do you store your images?
A: For every 2 months, I clear out my files in favour of storage for my future clients so be sure to download the images and create your own backups!

Q: Do you provide RAW photos?
A: As a photographer, it is my job to ensure you are happy and satisfied with my photos and my services. However, I don't deliver RAW photos (arw, cr2 or dng files) 
as it represents me more of an unfinished body of work and therefore does not represent me or my brand. However, you will have a peace of mind that your photos will be delivered in high resolution and quality JPG files that is both print and social media ready.

Q: What is your reschedule policy?
A: I might not be able to accept reschedule with any reason (unless it's wet/severe weather, injury, illness or urgent family matters), so please keep in mind to find a suitable time for your photoshoot session.
The reason being is that I may have locked in another photoshoot session within the similar time range, so I may not be able to reschedule your photoshoot without the potential risk of clashing with another gig or session.

Q: How can the images be used?
A: You have permission to use the photos for personal and professional purposes, which includes prints, social media and websites. However, any commercial usage will require a written consent and additional fees.

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