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What I Listen To While Culling/Editing Photos

When it comes to culling and editing photos for virtually any client, I aim to listen to something so I can fully concentrate and focus without getting too distracted. Note that this blog focuses on what I listen to at home as opposed to when I’m out, where I would rely on my environment plus music playing over the speakers.


With Live Music Concert environments, it is totally at random. It can be a specific song or album of any style or genre. For example, when I worked on photos for Overbreak’s Kelly’s On King gig on 6/4/2024, I had Don’t Look At Me Now on repeat first before I transitioned to My Hero by Foo Fighters and then Basket Case after. However, it can be something from Youtube if I spend more time. For example, when I worked on photos for Cosmix’s 27/5/2023 Factory Theatre gig, I listened to Chris Zoupa guitar solo tutorials on Youtube.


With dance concerts or photoshoots, it varies depending on each item/performance I’m working on:

Ballet: Preferably Apocalyptica songs

Tap: Preferably Heavy metal songs with double bass on drums ie Hot For Teacher by Van Halen, Cowboys From Hell by Pantera and Painkiller by Judas Priest

Lyrical: Mainly Dream Theater ballads, but I’m open to listening to Rock and Metal ballads ie Zombie by Bad Wolves (originally by Cranberries), Sound Of Silence by Disturbed (originally by Simon & Garfunkel) and Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd (live versions).

Contemporary: Preferably heavier bands ie Behemoth, Mayhem, Paradise Lost and Lorna Shore. Somewhat symphonic metal ie Epica, Nightwish and Within Temptation. Sometimes metalcore ie Architects and August Burns Red.

Hip Hop: Preferably Nu Metal ie System Of A Down, Limp Bizkit and Slipknot. Can branch to heavier bands ie Falling In Reverse and Rammstein.

Jazz: Preferably Groove Metal, Metalcore, Nu Metal (to an extent) or anything which gets me headbanging. Examples of songs include Redneck by Lamb Of God, Du Hast by Rammstein and Custer by Slipknot.

Musical Theatre: Preferably bops ie Don’t Lose Your Head (Six) and Candy Store (Heathers)

Bollywood and KPop: preferably Falling In Reverse (newer songs), Dream Theater (Home) and ACDC (any song).


When it comes to Theatre or Stage Productions, I prefer to listen to historical biographies on Youtube. Examples include: Alexander Hamilton, Anne Boleyn and Thomas Jefferson. However, if I’m working on an emotional music number, I’ll always resort to an emotional song ie Empty Chairs On Empty Tables and Wake Me Up When September Ends.


When it comes to Portraits and Headshots, I prefer to listen to Youtube videos of Let’s Plays. Examples of channels I listen to includes: NintendoCapriSun, Pharaoh2091 and ZeldaMaster. With Artist/Band Press Shots, I listen to preferably Rock N Roll True Stories.


If I’m working on photos for event functions, I would mix it up. When it comes to photos with attendees on the dancefloor, I would always resort to Chop Suey by System Of A Down for adrenaline reasons. For photos where the attendees are entering, posing or candids (or even speeches), I would listen to Youtubers ie Finn Mckenty and Become The Knight to concentrate.

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