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Intro: Meet Your Photographer

Updated: Jun 4

Hi! My name is Junior Jin. Here is a small excerpt to introduce who I am.

I am a Sydney based photographer with 10+ years of experience. I service in Concerts, Portraits and Events. Concerts cover Live Music, Dance and Theatre Productions; Portraits cover Artist/Band Promos (or Press Shots), Dance and Headshots to name a few; Events cover Ball Events and Birthday Parties to name a few.

I have shot for clients such as Sydney University Musical Theatre Ensemble, USYD Movement And Dance Society and Parramatta Music Club. I have also shot for artists/bands such as Packing Dhaka, Day Release and Cate Guirguis.

This blog will be used to showcase select artists/bands I see, photoshoots I have successfully organised and tips as a photographer about various topics.

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