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How I’m Inspired By Music In Photoshoots

If you're following me on IG, you may have noticed I post photos from photoshoots to validate I do portraits as one of my niches in photography. Plus, I compile them into “visual stories”.

These are fictional stories with my own photos to accompany them across each page or part in sequential order within each respective photoshoot. In my posts, I would have the following format in the captions:

<Title Pt>

<Fictional storyline>

<BTS process>

<which part of the song I took into consideration (where applicable)>


The idea of visual stories came from my own childhood experiences where either Mum or Dad would read out storybooks to me before I go to bed. They would also buy me picture books which has broadened my imagination with storytelling. However, it wasn’t until I studied “Visual Storytelling” in UNI did I begin taking the idea of storytelling through visuals a bit seriously.


The majority of the visual stories come from photoshoots I have successfully organised. Some of the visual stories are set in portrait portfolio building workshop environments.


Every single visual story I write comes from either my own experiences with something, improvised or entirely on the spot. Thus, each have a song inspiration to go along with the story I’m aiming to tell. I visually focus either on the music, lyrics or both. If I pay specific attention to the lyrics to translate them into visuals, then I tend to take a concept more seriously. I also aim to make my own visual interpretations where possible so the storyline within the captions is both authentic and realistic. Hence, the photos I choose are also mainly candid shots, although there have been a few where I break the fourth wall with the model looking at the camera.


As each photoshoot / visual story is for personal and non-commercial usage, I tend to think less of the shot list, framing, colour, composition and gear to reduce stress. Therefore, I think more of making the best of the photoshoot date and time while paying attention to the music, lyrics or both.


Overall, organising photoshoots are a good experience with portraits photography, communication, patience and resilience.

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